Quality Policy



Curry Power is committed to the provision of high level, quality services that exceed customer expectations. Our unique approach to doing business ensures that all projects are delivered on time with zero defects.

Application and Scope

This policy applies to all workers of Curry Power as well as suppliers/sub-contractors.


Curry Power will undertake the following activities in fulfilling its commitment to provide the highest quality services and products:

  • Complying with the requirements of ISO9001:2015, all statutory requirements, codes of practice, industry standards, guidelines and contractual requirements;

  • Continuous Improvement of the QSE Management System;

  • Establishing measurable objectives and reviewing performance against objectives in quarterly Management Review Meetings;

  • The Management Representative will produce statistical reports to be reviewed in the quarterly Management Review Meeting where root causes of issues will be determined, and preventative and/or further corrective actions will be determined, assigned to responsible officers and implemented;

  • Ensuring quality principles are included in all organisational planning activities i.e. Management Review Meetings, Induction training, Toolbox Meetings and ongoing education and training to all our employees;

  • Consulting with employees to improve the effectiveness of the QSE Management System;

  • Making the Quality Policy available to our clients and the community through the Curry Power website and as a link in all email footers;


The Quality Policy will be reviewed following legislative or organisational changes or at least, annually, prior to our annual Internal Audit.